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Educational institutions ,Schools ,tuitions website and management solution

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Educational institutions ,Schools ,tuitions website and management solution


The world is transforming faster into a digital space. Businesses are also keeping up the pace by moving to the digital platforms. Youtube has replaced the boring classes and google the big long books. The businesses that will not transform themselves and evolve will meet the fate of dinosaurs

99 web tech solutions will help your educational institute may it be school, tuition center or any educational center to reach online to your students with many features .

What we do 

Our sole aim is to bring your business online .So that you can provide services at par with intuitions globally. We give your online journey wings so that you can fly higher 

How we do it 

We design a website or an app for your Educational center ,whichever suits you . We help you to bring new facilities to mobile screens of  students and staff 

Features /What Will You  provide

A website or app with

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